Monday, 22 June 2015

A busy few weeks!


After 20 tiring exams they are finally over! I was so excited after the last one but didn't really know what to do with myself as it felt strange not having to be anywhere or study. I still can't really come to terms with the fact that I have left school and that I have 11 weeks off! That's plenty to time though to gig, write, record and relax!

Food hall at the Garden Festival
A couple of weekends ago the band and I played at The Garden Festival in Much marcle. It was probably one of the hottest days that we've had all year and so we all caught the sun a bit. It made a change for last year though as it was bucketing down during my set. After we had played we all decided to enjoy the weather and we lay in the sun eating ice cream, watching the music that Ragged Moon had put on for everyone to enjoy. We especially enjoyed Clyde Jefferson and his band as well as Thee Ones from Stroud. It was good fun and it got us into the summer festival mood. At every festival I'm playing this summer I am filming lots of fun things that happen and putting all the videos together. I'm excited to show you what I have created at the end of the summer and it will be nice to have something to look back on!
Playing at the Garden Festival 

This weekend we had another festival called The Big Green Gig. The gig was held at the Greenway in Bristol during a 2 week long event that was going on in the area. We were supporting a band called Helele who we were able to stay and watch after our set! Their African rhythms were great fun to listen to and enjoy. Everyone was dancing along and seemed to be having a wonderful time. One man in Helele was playing a very interesting African instrument called a Balafon which is almost like a big xylophone with wooden bowls under it to create the sound. I was glad to see one in action as we had spent two years learning about them in GCSE music!
I have to say that the venue we played at made the most amazing Pizza I have ever eaten! I'm not too sure why it was so great but I must go back there one day even if it's just for the food!:)

The Big Green Gig! 
Today Sarah and I had an interview with Claire Carter on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. I always really enjoy interviews and I thought today was a particularly fun one. I like talking about what I'm up to but I especially enjoy playing live on the radio and getting my music out there! Unfortunately we got the timing for the interview wrong and we arrived at their studios about 1 hour and a half too early. Aha they probably thought we were really eager!

Jack playing at Garden Festival 
Sadly we are saying goodbye to our bassist Jack in a few weeks time. Jack is moving on to join a new rock band called Humm. Check them out! We have had a great few months gigging with him and although it hasn't been very long it has been good fun:) Our last gig with Jack is on the 19th July which is the Seed Festival at Hawkwood College which we are all really looking forward to. Then we will be saying hello to our new bassist called Oliver who we are excited to be getting to know and doing future gigs with.

So that's all from me for now! What's coming up? Well I'm going to Barn on the Farm in two weeks time with some of my friends from school which we've all been looking forward to ever since last years festival ended. Then the plan is that we are off to Canada to see our family over there. The Seed festival is the day after we get back so if you come along to that I will apologise now if I look exhausted aha!

Have a good week,

Sophronie :)