Friday, 14 August 2015

A rainy day..

It has started to feel as though we are already in the winter months as it literally has not stopped raining in Stroud today. The mist has remained in the valley outside my window for the majority of the day making everything strangely dark. So I have to admit I have tried to stay indoors as much as possible today which gives me the perfect opportunity to write a blog..

Seed Festival 
A couple of weeks ago the band and I played at the Seed Festival- a brilliant, friendly weekend where you can enjoy music, talks and the many workshops going on.  The weather, unlike today, was glorious and we all sat outside on the grass enjoying a bit of sunshine. It was held at Hawkwood College- a beautiful venue just outside Stroud which provided wonderful views, gardens and old buildings. We played in the afternoon in a little tent covered in fairy lights and hidden away in the trees where everyone drank tea and ate cake!

View from Seed Festival 

I haven't had any gigs since then which is probably just as well as I am resting up before my massive 5 gig weekend at the end of August! I am so excited although the thought of getting up for college after that weekend is something I'm trying to forget about! The bank holiday starts with Greenbelt Festival in Kettering on the 28th of August which I've been looking forward to all summer.
I'm hoping we will travel down in the morning so we can look round the festival and see some great live music.
Then the next day I am playing at Frocester Beer Festival and the Phoenix Festival in Cirencester!
Stroud Fringe is on the Sunday morning before I head down to London to play a private party! Not quite sure how I'm going to manage to stay awake for that, let alone if I'll have any voice left..
What a weekend that will be?!

I've been writing a lot lately and finishing all the songs for the next album. The most recent song I wrote was about my adventure in London. I went up for the day last week to meet my friend Becca and we had a really good day until we arrived at Paddington to catch the train back to Stroud. It was absolute chaos! No trains were leaving and the station was quickly filling up with lots of stressed people desperately trying to get home. After discovering the district line train to Wimbledon wasn't leaving Paddington we jumped in a taxi and I decided to go home the next day! Although it was all rather stressful at least I managed to get a new song out of it aha:)

Paddington Station!
I bought an electric guitar yesterday. I'm looking forward to creating a slightly different sound to some of my new songs and I'm exited to start playing it at gigs!

That's all from me! Next I'm off to Bristol with Sarah to do a live interview with Jelli Records.
You can tune into 97.5 FM at 8:15pm this Monday:)

Wearing the new Sophronie T-shirts! 

Indian Take-away with the band last week.

Have a good weekend- Let's hope this weather sorts itself out!

Sophronie :)