Saturday, 30 May 2015

Wychwood Festival

It was sad when I played the final festival of the year last year at the Stroud Fringe on the last day of summer. I'd enjoyed playing festivals so much, no matter how small or where they happened to be they were always good fun and the warm weather made gigging all that much better.
So, I am very excited that the summer is finally arriving and festival season has started once again and I sense this year is going to be even better!

Soundcheck at Wychwood 
New t-shirts
To start it all off the band and I played at Wychwood Festival on Friday in Cheltenham! We were on at 5pm and luckily I was playing in a large tent which meant the rain didn't bother us and brought everyone inside to find shelter and keep warm! On the way to Cheltenham we picked up my new Sophronie t-shirts which was exciting. I had a little peek in the large box to see what they looked like for I had been waiting for them to be ready for a few weeks. I designed them myself- one has a lighthouse on and the blue t-shirt has a boot on it like the one I often wear when performing.

I loved the atmosphere at Wychwood and there were lots of people there! I managed to try lots of food throughout the day and I think the warm churros and chocolate dip was quite possibly the highlight!
It was good fun playing with the band even though we were a member short and Niks had to take Sam's place. I had an interview backstage afterwards and Emily and I were quite excited about being outside the undertones dressing room!

Flags at Wychwood Festival 
We have another festival next week in Much Marcle called 'The Garden Festival'.
That was the first festival I played last year so I'm glad to be going back there again as it's in a beautiful old venue covered in hand made bunting and fairy lights.

The music video for my single 'Eyes Wide' was released last week and we had a small get together at the studio with everyone who was involved in the process. I'm really happy about the end result and glad the cats got a feature in the end! Check it out on youtube!

Eyes wide video 
I'm about half way through my exams now and am looking forward to the day that they are over so I can write new songs for the next album and concentrate on being well again as being unable to walk for 8 weeks hasn't been a lot of fun!

You can keep up to date with all the festivals coming up in the summer on my website:
Hopefully see you at one of them!

Sophronie :)

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