Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Majors Arms

Hello again! 

I had a busy weekend last week and on Friday I played a gig in Worcester at the Major's Arms. It was quite a long journey, especially in the back of Niks' van which happens to be an ambulance. Sitting on a small chair surrounded by no windows was not the smoothest of rides, I have to say.

However my friend Emily who was playing piano during my sets that night was sitting backwards whilst we had a quick jamming session in an old ambulance. Something I can say I have never done before!

We arrived at the gig eventually after going down lots of country roads in the pitch black whilst our sat-nav got incredibly confused! When arriving at the gig we had a lot of the locals running out the pub wondering what the accident was. A 'musical emergency' we said. I think they saw the funny side!

The pub was a really nice place to play, very welcoming and covered in fairy lights which made the little red ones I brought with me look rubbish. I would imagine the view across the valley is quite something when there is a bit of sunshine. They also had a cat living there but it seemed to be too scared of the big speakers and guitars we were bringing into the pub.

I was very tired when I finally got back to the studio at nearly 1am but it was brilliant to get giging again as I had a few months break after the Album launch tour. I really missed playing to people, especially after the frequent gigs I was doing throughout Novemeber and December.

On Sunday we finished the final shots for the music video and I saw the first preview for 'Eyes wide'. It's looking good and we are all now patiently waiting for the end result.

I have another gig on Saturday at The Prince Albert in Stroud to raise money for Phab Kids- a disabled children's charity. It starts at 7:30 so if you are around why not come and have a look at what's happening!


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