Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My new band

So here we are half way through another busy week...

I held auditions a couple of weekes ago and I've got a great band together now which is really exciting. I enjoy playing on my own and have been doing so for the past year now, but playing with a band really adds something to the whole feel of my songs and so I can't wait to get rehearsing tomorrow! My friend Emily is playing keyboard. I've known her since I recorded the album, so it's going to be great having her play at gigs with me. She was doing work experience at Ragged moon in Stroud when 'Fire in the heavens' was recorded and she plays the piano on 'In this lane'. Then there's Sam and he is playing guitar and drums in the band and the final member is Jack on the bass guitar! Jack is a little bit older than the rest of us and so we're hoping he will add a bit of maturity to the group;)! Luckily we are all quite small people and so there won't be a problem when trying to fit on a little stage!
Band Auditions

On Saturday the Stroud Fringe promotional show case took place at Stroud's subrooms. I love the Stroud fringe and I'm already counting down the days until the event in August. I remember going to watch it three years ago when I had just moved to Stroud from London and discovering it was the most incredible thing and wondering how many people there were for such a small place. Last year I played there on the cornhill stage that a group of young people in the local area had put together.
I had two slots on Saturday. One was at 10am and it felt very strange arriving at a gig at half 9 on a Saturday morning as they are usually quite late in the day. Sheep also decided to turn up outside and I'm still not quite sure why!


A band called Sinnober played after me and I bought their new album and I can't get enough of it. You should give it a listen, especially their song 'It all begins from here'.

I had a couple of hours to kill before my second slot at 2pm. So I went to my favourite music shop, Music dynamics. I bought a Cajon drum (I've named him Ron) which is the block drum that you sit on. I can't really play it yet and am starting to get bruised fingers, but it is good fun.

So what's coming up this week? The band and I have our first gig together on Sunday supporting Emily Barker at the Prince Albert in Rodborough. I love playing here and so am very excited. My first ever gig was there and so it's great that the bands first one is there too!

Do come along!

Sophronie :)

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